The Spring’s Source

As I have begun checking up on Spring, it has been interesting to trace its origin. I have ended up learning that Rod Johnson is a driving force of Spring. His book Expert One-on-One J2EE Design and Development has a first chapter that was revolutionary for me in terms of laying out the realities of J2EE and EJB development. That writing was a real light bulb for many of the folks in the AJUG SCEA study group that I participated in over the past several months.

My interest was piqued when I saw another book by Rod Johnson with a title almost identical to the other book, Expert One-on-One J2EE Development without EJB. I mean, that pretty much lays it out there, huh? When the topic of not using part of a platform merits a book by the same author who has a not-so-old title on the platform at large, that’s something to look into. Finding out that Rod is behind Spring bolstered my resolve to give it a go.

Once my shipment from Amazon arrives, I will have all three of the books for Spring that are referenced on the project website. I am willing to bet that this framework and others like Hibernate will become disruptive in the J2EE circles. And quite honestly, until Enterprise Java Beans gets its overhaul that we are all hoping for in the 3.0 specification, we need some disruption.

The Spring framework; hope for the J2EE developer

At the AJUG meeting tonight, Mark Eagle presented the Spring framework for J2EE application development. Mark has a recent O’Reilly article titled Wiring Your Web Application with Open Source Java that covers usage of Spring in Java web applications. The presentation was based on the article, and was quite thorough. It was a great presentation, and it cemented my desire to use it for the business logic tier of my current work project.

I am going to check out the Bruce Tate articles on Spring that are based on his upcoming O’Reilly book with Justin Gehtland titled Better, Faster, Lighter Java. He had mentioned Spring along with Hibernate in a blog post of his on back in June.

For those who want a viable alternative to Enterprise Java Beans, this could be your ticket.

Just plain tired

I have just finished up a stint of 7 weeks where I was gone for 4 of them. I have been too wiped out and knocked off of my routine to even think of posting. Maybe when life has been normal long enough for regular sleeping and eating patterns to return I will have the energy.

For now, no way. I just want to sit and watch movies with my wife, and have the privilege of having the dog annoy me.

Wiped out in several ways

Well, this week’s trip is to Dallas. A funny thing about Dallas trips is that I usually end up flying first class. Because the contract I work on requires that we book fully refundable flights, that apparently defaults to first class within the timeframe I am traveling. I haven’t really questioned it that much.

The past week has been a hectic blur. I was back from the week in Tysons Corner just long enough to unpack, process laundry, and do a little work at home. I feel like I just got off a plane. Yet, here I am, some thirty thousand feet up and typing this entry into TextEdit, the native OS X text editor. Why TextEdit, you ask? Good question.
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