Persevering through technical issues

I just wrapped up a painful 4-hour lesson is self-discipline. While working through James Holmes’ Struts The Complete Reference, I found that my ActionErrors collection did not seem to be getting passed back to the JSP view was supposed to render them. I spent hours debugging in Eclipse, attaching the Struts source code to the project so I could see just what was going on. (Isn’t it funny how after you have been frustrated by a problem for a while you begin to wonder if it’s the framework/language/operating system? Blame-shifting is a funny thing.)

After I could not figure out the problem for a couple of hours, I decided to download the sample code from the website for the book. Sure enough, once I had James’ code in an Eclipse project, it ran fine. I even opened all related source files and did a line-by-line comparison of the code to ensure that I hadn’t mis-coded anything.
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