Article: Why Does Windows Still Suck?

A coworker forwarded this article to me the other day. The perspective of the author Mark Morford doesn’t have any open source or free software bent or pro-Linux ranting. Rather, it is an average power user of normal applications sharing his open, honest perception of how Windows operating systems are still so poor in quality. Like Mr. Morford, I, too, am appalled at how consumers of the Microsoft product accept it.
Morford’s comparison of a car purchase with Windows is a good one, and I agree that the acceptance of Windows as satisfactory is paradoxical given the demanding nature of consumers with all other areas of technology. At the same time, I think that the majority of computer users have a skillset only sufficient to carry out basic tasks in the way those tasks are done with Microsoft products such as the Office suite, Internet Explorer, and Outlook/Outlook Express.
For those who are fed up, or at least feel dissatisfied enough to question whether their relationship with Microsoft is worth continuing, please be assured that there are alternatives. And do not believe that Apple products are too expensive; that is a crock. When you compare an Apple and a PC-based offering, please be sure you are comparing equally-equipped machines. There are usually at least two or three upgrades to the average PC required in order to bring them in line with an Apple machine’s standard specifications in the same class.
If you’d rather keep the hardware you have, and if you would like to see it run far better than it does with whatever copy of Windows you have on it, please consider a Linux installation for it? With Knoppix allowing users to boot into Linux from a Live CD, a no-risk test is easier than ever before. Look into it. You spend way too much time using a computer these days to put up with a crappy experience.