So will we still call them PowerBooks?

One rumor I had totally blown off about Apple was the potential switch from IBM’s PowerPC processors to Intel processors for their Macintosh product line. I even thought the Slashdot post may have been a hoax. I am out of town in Baltimore this week, so I will try to catch the stream of the WWDC keynote later. I will probably wait a couple of days; this is a bit of a shock to me. Perhaps after I have had a couple of days to process this the keynote will be more digestible.

This makes me even more angry with the jerk that fraudulently subverted my 17″ PowerBook auction.

Peculiar eBay fraud tactic

So I had mentioned that I was selling the first of a couple of PowerBooks on eBay the other day. To my surprise, someone invoked the “Buy It Now” option and ended the auction last night. No complaints here, right?

Wrong. Here is the address information for the “winner”:

Steven Budd
13801 Sherman Way Blvd.
Suite 5
Van Nuys, CA 91405
(609) 765-7899

Turns out the person created the account shortly before purchasing the item. The street address is pretty close to being valid, in Van Nuys, CA. The phone number is an invalid one in Trenton, NJ. The person hasn’t responded to three messages. So, they haven’t tried to get the hardware by ripping me off, they just simply faked an account and closed out my auction early.

There were several other 17″ PowerBooks being auctioned that ended the same day as mine, so I am wondering if the competition employed this cowardly tactic to thin out the choices for prospective buyers.