Nokia USA, TigerDirect, and caveat emptor

So I have been loving my Nokia N90 phone as far as functionality goes, but there are a few design issues that bug me. One is the rather primitive battery cover, which I managed to re-fasten a number of times until it finally came off without me realizing it. Beside that, a piece of the metal inlay by the camera button keeps popping loose on one end. I figure US$650 is way too much for a phone with pieces popping off, so I contact Nokia to send it in under warrantly.

And that’s where we pick up in the story…

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Getting caught up

Just finished a slightly overdue book review of Head First Ajax for O’Reilly, and now off for 4 hours sleep. Everything takes me longer now that my daughter is here, but it’s certainly worth it. The next thing in my queue is the long-overdue update to java-package; that should be hitting unstable by the end of the week. Sorry for the slowness, but life’s been busy. I’ve certainly missed hanging out on #debian-devel, and I’m looking very much forward to seeing many of you in person at DebConf.

Hanging with the guys for a bit

Today I spent some time hanging with my friends Tom and Adam over in Decatur. Lunch at The Brick Store Pub followed by a long talk in the park and coffee at Java Monkey. It’s great to unwind, but I am so behind in my Debian work. I needed to be around some of my non-software-development friends for a while after my much-enjoyed immersion in last week’s conference.

I say immersion, but it was actually the most balanced conference experience I have ever had. Skiing in between sessions really cleared my head and made me feel fresh for the afternoon sessions; something I can’t say for any conference in which I have participated. I miss those guys.