The close of Harry Potter’s tale

So I finished “Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows” last night. As with all the books in the Harry Potter series, I thoroughly enjoyed it. J. K. Rowling’s writing is like a favorite shirt or pair of jeans for me; so comfortable and familiar that I feel completely unhindered by it, gliding through 350 pages at a sitting, pausing only to get enough sleep for the next day. There were many poignant moments, and having followed these characters for seven volumes intensified them all the more. It’s a bit sad to know that the tale of that magical world has finished, but at the same time I have that sense of it being complete.

Time & Money migrated to Subversion

Over the weekend I managed to get the Time & Money project repository migrated over to Subversion. It was a fun one because the modules needed to be rearranged into the directory structure that the team had worked out. I kept a log of my steps with the goal of turning that into a how-to that may be of help to other Sourceforge projects that have yet to migrate from CVS. I just need the time to make it more of a cogent how to and less of a stream-of-consciousness ramble.

Dry spell

Wow, I haven’t touched this thing for some time.

It’s not that I have forgotten about it; I have 4 unfinished topics, 2 of which might actually be worth someone reading. Blogging just hasn’t done much for me these past months — or is it years already? Yeah, now that I look back through the archives, my posting seems to have dropped off sharply right around the time 2 things happened; the start of my company and the birth of my daughter. Those happened within 3 weeks of one another. It was a hectic time; perhaps it stayed that way. The only flurries of frequent posts were actually centered around Open Space meetings with Bruce it seems. That stands to reason; those events were oases of peace and inspiration amid the desert that was my first independent contract; quite a soul-drainer, that one.

It certainly hasn’t been a case of not having topics to write about; my encounter and subsequent embrace of Python, my disillusionment (gasp!) with the Rails community after checking it out for awhile, discovering Domain-Driven Design (or did it discover me?) and the revelations that have ensued; tons going on, just haven’t felt inspired to write much.

It seems like the dry spell might be passing, but it’s too early to pass judgement. What I do know is that this is the first I’ve felt like updating this thing in forever.