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Barry Hawkins

Product Development Consultant, Educator, and Coach

AJUG DevCon 2004

Today was the first-ever conference for the Atlanta Java Users Group (AJUG), titled DevCon 2004. It was great; our president Burr Sutter lined up a pretty impressive array of speakers, including Andy Hunt of Pragmatic Programmer fame and Neal Ford, author of the recent Manning… Read More »AJUG DevCon 2004

Rolling up the sleeves with the Debian Installer project…

So I received a response on my queries concerning the Debian Installer PowerPC bug reports. You can read the whole thing here, but the key part of my reply from Sven Luther that grabbed me was this:

“Because the ones who care about powerpc are busy right now ? I think it
is exam time for some of them, or they are busy with other stuff. I
myself don’t have a pmac, so there is not much i can do, and i think
gaudenz has gone to work on discovery mostly. Don’t know about the

Maybe this is the right time for you (or others) to step in and have a
go at fixing this problem, if we want to have good powerpc support by
march 15.

Anyway, i have no idea about the keyboard problem you reported, but
this kernel issue, it should not be problematic. Does choosing unstable
instead of testing make a change here ?”

Well, I thought about that, and replied to Sven:
Read More »Rolling up the sleeves with the Debian Installer project…