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Topics that tailor more specifically to a Debian audience; this category mainly serves to populate the feed to Planet Debian.

Bruce Sterling and the “Internet of Things”

I recently started syndicating the IT Conversations RSS thread on my site and saw that an mp3 of Bruce Sterling speaking at O’Reilly’s Emerging Technology Conference was available. It’s an interesting listen; if you’re a cyberpunk fan at all, then it’s even more interesting.

Getting caught up

Just finished a slightly overdue book review of Head First Ajax for O’Reilly, and now off for 4 hours sleep. Everything takes me longer now that my daughter is here, but it’s certainly worth it. The next thing in my queue is the long-overdue update… Read More »Getting caught up

If your Debian menu in GNOME ever disappears

I recently had my Debian menu in GNOME disappear for reasons I could not explain. Since this is where the launcher for many of the applications one installs are typically housed, it was quite the inconvenience. I posted to the debian-user mailing list, and asked around on IRC in #debian and #debian-devel, but the most I ever received was a suggestion to run 'update-menus' from a command line. Having done that within the first 30 minutes of the issue’s appearance to no avail, I resigned myself to making do without the menu for the time being.