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AJUG DevCon 2004

Today was the first-ever conference for the Atlanta Java Users Group (AJUG), titled DevCon 2004. It was great; our president Burr Sutter lined up a pretty impressive array of speakers, including Andy Hunt of Pragmatic Programmer fame and Neal Ford, author of the recent Manning title The Art of Java Web Development. In case the term Pragmatic Programmer rings a bell, you may recall one of my earliest blog entries referring to Dave Thomas. He and Andy are the co-founders of the Pragmatic Programmer line of books. The stuff is wonderful; check it out.

We also had several of our local Java gurus who gave great sessions as well. A big thanks to the AJUG sponsors and all the speakers as well as the AJUG folks who pulled it all together.

If you want to see something really cool, keep an eye out for “Looking Glass”, a 3D Java desktop from Sun. I saw demos of it today, and a cross between XWindows, Mac OS X Quartz with Expos?, and Minority Report came to mind.