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About Barry

Barry Hawkins specializes in effective agile product and game development for complex scenarios across the full range of organizational scales.

Barry consults and coaches product development organizations and game studios in their pursuit of greater effectiveness. He has served in Engineering and Product Development leadership roles in a wide range of settings, including Netflix, Blizzard Entertainment, Hulu, and Riot Games. He has nearly two decades of experience leveraging the values, tools, and technical disciplines of agile and lean Product Development in both full-time and consulting capacities.

Prior to his career in software, Barry spent over a decade in the manufacturing sector, focused on industrial packaging and marking systems for manufacturing plants throughout the southeastern United States. He was responsible for the implementation, maintenance, and support of every system he sold, which was a formative experience that continues to influence his approach to Management and Product Development.

The views and opinions expressed on this site are those of Barry Hawkins and not his employer’s, except for when he has been self-employed.

Videos of Barry Hawkins

YouTube Channel

Barry regularly adds videos to his YouTube channel on the topic of product development, effective development process, and scaling development organizations. Check it out, and please like and subscribe to know when new content is released!

Barry Hawkins Live (YouTube)

Barry hosts a weekly live stream, Barry Hawkins Live, covering key product development information and answering questions on the topic. Join us Thursdays at 7pm Pacific time (US), or view the replays on demand and post questions in the comments!

Check out the other playlists and videos on the site for all manner of free information and guidance!

Conference Talks

The following is a selection of published videos of conference talks given over the years.

Barry Hawkins delivering the closing keynote at CodeMash 2012

How We Got Here and What to Do About It (InfoQ) - This talk was delivered as the closing keynote for CodeMash 2012. Sadly, InfoQ seems to have lost the video of the slides that sync with the talk, but the main video still works.

Barry Hawkins - When The Wheels Come Off Agile from NDC Conferences on Vimeo.

These days you rarely find someone who hasn’t been part of at least one attempt to adopt Agile. However, few of those same people will tell you they are part of an ongoing, successful Agile team. This talk is a collection of the most common things that Barry has seen derail Agile adoptions in his years as an Agile coach. Attendees should come away with a collection of subtle pitfalls to avoid in their next attempt to successfully apply Agile Software Development on the job.

Barry Hawkins - Agile, Lean, and the Space Between from NDC Conferences on Vimeo.

For years, one could assume that any development group trying to improve its approach to software was applying some form of Agile Software Development methodology. In the last couple of years, Lean Software Development has seen a surge in popularity. Some groups adopting Lean perceive it as an alternative to Agile processes like Scrum, and express a sense of elitism and superiority, having "moved beyond Agile".While Agile Software Development and Lean Software Development originate from different sources, they are actually closely related and share a great deal of overlap. In this talk attendees will discover where each came from, and just how much of Agile and Lean are shared in the space between.

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