Barry Hawkins, veteran Product Development leader

About Barry

Barry Hawkins currently serves as the Vice President of Program Management at Zwift. Prior to Zwift, Barry has served in Engineering and Product Development leadership roles in a wide range of settings, including Netflix, Blizzard Entertainment, Riot Games, and Hulu. He has over a decade of experience leveraging the values, tools, and technical disciplines of agile and lean Product Development in both full-time and consulting capacities.

Prior to his career in software, Barry spent over a decade in the manufacturing sector, focused on industrial packaging and marking systems for manufacturing plants throughout the southeastern United States. He was responsible for the implementation, maintenance, and support of every system he sold, which was a formative experience that continues to influence his approach to Management and Product Development.

The views and opinions expressed on this site are those of Barry Hawkins and not his employer’s, except for the time periods where he was self-employed.

Videos of Barry Hawkins

Apologies for those who've been using the NDC Oslo 2012 videos, NDC Conferences seems to have purged their older conference talks from Vimeo. I guess I have fewer excuses to delay creating some new videos for you!

Barry Hawkins delivering the closing keynote at CodeMash 2012

How We Got Here and What to Do About It (InfoQ) - This talk was delivered as the closing keynote for CodeMash 2012. Sadly, InfoQ seems to have lost the video of the slides that sync with the talk, but the main video still works.