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Entering the Debiosphere

My colleagues in the Debian Java(TM) Packaging project have encouraged me to syndicate my weblog to Planet Debian, so here goes.

Hello, my name is Barry Hawkins, and I am a New Maintainer primarily active in the packaging of Java(TM) applications and libraries for Debian. I currently contribute to maintaining java-package, lucene, and tomcat4. Java(TM) is a big area with much to be done, so it looks as if that will be my main area of contribution for some time. Our work on moving packages to main via free runtimes for Java(TM) is slow but steady, and hopefully we will have big news for Debian users who develop in Java(TM) and wish to maximize their use of free runtimes in the coming months.

The Debian community is an exciting, vibrant, and collegial one; I have greatly enjoyed my involvement thus far, and I owe sincere thanks to Jeroen van Wolffelaar and Jeff Breidenbach for their patient, wise mentoring and encouragement.

Now, time to make a hackergotchi