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Kathy Sierra read my weblog!

You bloggers and web devs out there…you’ll get a kick out of this one. You know how you just pop over to your site or weblog on a whim to see how it looks, and you feel like it roughly communicates that you are either really slack or that you probably wear white socks with your sandals? (I used to do the white socks with sandals thing regularly, but my wife put a stop to that. I never knew how many people were bugged by that.)

Well, today was one of my days for taking a look at my sites and saying to myself, “Dude, these look like crap.” I messed around with trying to get Meerkat working using the XML-RPC interface (the easy Javascript way seems to have universally crapped out some months ago), but I didn’t have enough time before starting work, the work that actually pays my bills. So, I blew it off, worried in the back of my mind that someone important would see it before I could fix things up. The worry diminished as soon as the daily grind kicked in…

Until I checked my email this afternoon. Kathy Sierra had sent me an email. She had read my reply in the long thread that followed her blog post titled “What’s so bad about making it easier to learn Java?“. She then apparently followed the link in the post to my weblog and my site, and took the time to fill out a very nice message on the garish “Contact Us” link on my All Things Computed site.

Procrastination can really bite you in the fanny. Embarrassment over the site’s condition and the lack of recent blog posts aside, it was a pretty killer day for me, getting a message from Kathy. I am still thoroughly enjoying the Head First Java book, and I should post an update on my experience with it soon.