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My book review made it onto Slashdot

I submitted my recent book review of Andrew St. Laurent’s open source licensing book to Slashdot, and it was accepted. A friend notified me in time to see it on the front page. I snagged a screenshot before it got knocked too far down the page, since it was a busy day of posts to Slashdot. I was pretty psyched; my wife suggested we celebrate (it is so great to have a wife who supports your geek tendencies), so it was wine and hot wings for dinner. Yes, the wine and hot wings was my choice of combination. I had pizza for lunch, so that unfashionable combination was not an option.

Here’s my review just below the Google news entry:


If this is all foreign to you, don’t worry; it’s a geek thing, you wouldn’t understand. 8^)

The comment thread on the Slashdot posting has been interesting; I jumped in on a couple.


3 thoughts on “My book review made it onto Slashdot”

  1. I was the one who grabbed the screenshot for my sweetie after he told me on the phone how to do it. For Mac users it’s “shift” “command” “3.” Now that it’s posted I won’t have to try to remember the key combo. I can just look it up here. :)

    I’d never heard of /. before we got married but I’ve been made fully aware of how important it is to the geek community by the many articles Barry forwards to me from posts. I’m so proud of my husband for the ultimate geek seal of approval — a posting on slashdot.

    with love,
    the wife

    PS, I had to re-edit my post when I realized the commands I placed in brackets above wouldn’t show up at all that way. Apparently the “greater than” and “less than” signs mean something in code . . . ? I used quotations instead and hope this doesn’t make me look dumb to all the geeks out there . . . .

  2. I actually ended up using a screenshot I took from GNOME, since it was easier to edit a .png file than the PDF, but I was glad we had your PDF as backup!

  3. Your geek-fu is much increased, sir. Front page of Slashdot? Another item checked off the “before I die” list, neh?

    Now for parachuting into Antarctica… :)

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