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My first keysigning

So I attended my first keysigning party. Basically it was a group of us free software geeks in a fantastic Belgian beer bar on W 4th Street near NYU named Vol de Nuit. Excellent place, excellent selection of Belgian beers. My new favorite is Corsendonk Brown Ale.

I ended up meeting an interesting array of folks, and got key signatures for Debian guys as well some other folks outside of Debian. Talking with Benjamin Hill (Mako) was interesting; he currently works for Ubuntu. Mako has been a Debian Developer since he was 12; quite a concept to wrap your mind around if you know what that means. Fun talk about free runtimes for Java(TM), and free software in general. It was truly a great time of hanging out with kindred spirits. Mako, another guy named Greg who actually serves as a lawyer for Debian, and myself kept hanging out after folks left, but I eventually had to bail and head back to the hotel and meet up with my wife. She was very understanding of how important this was to me, but I felt like more than 6 hours was a bit much.

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