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My first look at the Debian Developer documentation

Another Saturday afternoon at the Caribou by Emory University. Despite my heinous work schedule of late and a number of other pressing concerns, I decided to carve out some time to work on my Debian involvement today. That led me to start with the Debian Developer’s Corner.

You know that part in The Fellowship of The Ring where Galadriel is offered the One Ring from Frodo and she does that little speech where her voice changes and light shoots out of her body? The one where she says, “all shall love me and despair?”

Yeah, love and despair at once. That probably sums up my initial encounter with the documentation. I started with the Debian Policy Manual, then soon hopped over to the New Maintainer’s Guide in hoped of garnering some sense of accomplishment. There’s a reason that Debian is so rock solid. Its developers are quite diligent folks. When you first come to this mass of process, it looms before you like a smooth, monolithic obelisk that you somehow have to scale.

I am going to have to take this in manageable chunks; chip away at it bit by bit. I think I have gotten chilled today and am in the process of getting sick. Time to make for home and begin treating the coming sickness.