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Testing, testing…is this thing on?

The first entry. Huh. Well, if I had known how easy it was to set up MovableType, I would have set this up back when I was originally inspired to buy Essential Blogging from O’Reilly. It actually had the receipt inside the book, so there was no way to deny that I originally meant to start my blog in November of last year. At the time I had three or so topics that I really wanted to write up in posts, two of which I cannot even recall. I do remember wanting to write about the .Net vs. J2EE benchmark from The Middleware Company (TMC) that ruffled folks so much, but that’s so old now that it would be pointless.
Well, perhaps not pointless. There was that invitation for a rematch, and I had been wondering if TMC had not allowed the skewed study and subsequently broadcast their endorsement of .Net in an effort to draw out some of the Java heavyweights for that second invitation to be a real face-off. I also wondered whether or not the tactic (if that was indeed their intent) had enough behind it to succeed. Well, I haven’t seen any more fuss over it in the past year, so it must have fizzled out. If it did, perhaps that is another more timely topic for discussion; why didn’t anyone really care about the TMC study resuts past November of last year?
At 1:45 AM, I don’t really have the drive to hit Google for any news or commentary on it. I did see this one newsletter from a guy in Austin that seemed thorough, if not a bit of a straw man argument on behalf of Microsoft against J2EE. I’m just glad this thing is running.