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Vegetarianism and Desktop Linux

After another foray into desktop Linux, I am back to OS X. I have burned 18 hours this week just getting my email to work at a mediocre level without junk mail filtering and failing to get Bluetooth GPRS working on a Linux 2.6.7 kernel that seems to be all set to go for Bluetooth. I was searching for some resource links for a guy when I came upon an entry in Jeremy Zawodny’s weblog entry titled “I’m sick of doing things the hard way”.

Yeah, me too. I am sick of it after only a couple of weeks.

You know, alpha geek tendencies toward doing hard things even when they are unpractical reminds of some of my vegetarian friends. When I first moved into the city, I found that lots of the new people I met were vegetarians. At first I thought this must be something with a really great health benefit. So I asked them, but most of them said that they have to eat things to supplement the protein they do not get by eating meat. Some also informed me that their diet starves their bodies of other key things that it needs like amino acids, etc. So, they have all these quite convoluted ways to supplement the very thing they are abstaining from, with no direct benefit.

Desktop Linux is alot like that, especially when you are running on a hardware platform other than x86. If you don’t believe me, browse on over to the Debian PowerPC port mailing list archives. Mac OS X does everything I need in open source development, and most of what I need for Java development except WebSphere. And, like Zawodny says, it “just works”. Do not underestimate the value of an operating system that is powerful, highly open source friendly, and does what it is supposed to do.


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