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Moving from KDE to Gnome on Debian Linux PowerPC

So I can’t wait any longer. Even though 1 package showed up as broken, I went ahead and installed Gnome 2.6 on my Debian sid installation. Oddly enough, the one broken package did not show up as broken afterward; go figure. Gnome is really pretty compared to KDE; much more intuitive and form-follows-function in my opinion. More Mac-like than Windows-like, which is a good thing with me. I now have to wean off of KPPP for GPRS and learn to write my own chat scripts, but hey, it has to happen sometime. I am just glad to be in position where it’s a matter of learning an alternative means for GPRS connectivity versus hoping and praying that I can even get it to work.


2 thoughts on “Moving from KDE to Gnome on Debian Linux PowerPC”

  1. Man, I feel just the opposite. Gnome feels clunky and makes weird assumptions about what I’m trying to do. I can’t get used to it.

    I find it instructive, though, that outside the KDE/Gnome world, I come from a Windows paradigm, while you come from a Mac preference. Are we doomed to disagree? 🙂

  2. Perhaps our differing preferences are further proof of the beauty and viability of open source operating systems. In either of our original closed-source, proprietary operating systems, there is no ability to choose from a variety of desktops or interfaces. I don’t think homogeneity is a goal to be pursued when it comes to computing interfaces. Thanks for posting!

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