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Surprise encounter with Mako and company

So it’ s been a 60-hour week on-site in Manhattan with the client, and I never got around to calling Mako to try and hook up. I had popped in at Vol de Nuit with a coworker and her friend to relax over a Belgian beer, when I noticed someone who looked familiar out of the corner of my eye as they walked past. It turned out to be Mako, hanging out with Miko, Micah, Biella, and Greg Pomerantz (apologies all around as this is a mixture of folks that I know either by name or IRC nick, and not always both). Clint was apparently there earlier, so my trend of being at the same place as Clint but missing him by less than an hour seems to continue. It was good to get to talk with some more Debian people in person; it’s always funny to learn who belongs to a particular nick. I had “hacim” pegged for a Persian guy. I complimented Miko on her haircut, only to learn that Mako was the stylist. That’ s right, in addition to developer, open source advocate, Debian and Ubuntu community builder, and renowned desktop wallpaper model, amateur stylist can now be added to his list of credits.

I am currently languishing in New York’s LaGuardia airport as the horrible subway delays this morning caused me to miss my original flight. Despite the insane work week and some hideous wireless connectivity and package upgrade issues, I managed to get pretty far on the next release of java-package; hoping to have it ready for upoad next week.