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Cycle Details

Cycle Name Shire Five Team - Cycle 004
Start Date 02/13/2019
End Date 02/26/2019
Throughput 50
Committed-to-Completed 1.5
Effort Committed 55
Effort Completed 47

Backlog Items

These are work items taken from the team's backlog. The meanings of the terms in the Status column are as follows:

  • Scheduled: Pulled into the cycle but not started yet
  • Removed: Removed from the cycle for some reason
  • In Progress: Currently being worked on
  • Completed: Fully completed and accepted
  • Carried Over: Not completed within the cycle and carried over to the next one
Item Effort Status
LOTR-0016 Safe packaging of mushrooms 2 Completed
LOTR-0017 Pack Maggot waggon 3 Completed
LOTR-0011 Crickhollow unpacking 13 Completed
LOTR-0012 Crickhollow bath scaling 8 Completed
LOTR-0022 Cross Brandywine 8 Completed
LOTR-0018 Pony-compatible beer kegs 5 Completed
LOTR-0010 Map road to Bree 8 Completed
LOTR-0016 Group discussion on charter 8 Completed
LOTR-0028 Take Old Forest to Bree 20 Carried Over

Non-Backlog Items

These are work items that occurred during the cycle and did not come from the team backlog. The Effort column is a rough approximation, and may be in story points like backlog items, or simply in hours, or even days for those real memorable incidents.

Item Effort Status
Detour to avoid the Black Rider (3 team members) 12 hours Completed
Dinner and consultation with Gildor's team (3 team members) 9 hours Completed
Cross-country 'shortcut' (3 people) 20 hours Completed
Dinner with Farmer Maggot (3 team members) 9 hours Completed

Team Availability

These are the available hours for schedulable work for the team in this cycle. They are used to calculate how many taskable hours for each skill on the team is available for Cycle Planning.

Team Member Hours
Merry Brandybuck 32
Pippin Took 32
Sam Gamgee 32
Fatty Bolger 24
Frodo Baggins 16

Retrospective Notes

These are notes captured during the team's Cycle Retrospective.

Cycle Overview

Overall this cycle seemed to go well despite a few notable bumps. Most of what we set out to accomplish was completed, and the one thing carrying over is for good reasons.

Things Working Well

  • Meals are happening at timely intervals and with decent fare (for travel).
  • Team members are taking initiative and owning their tasks, and open to alternatives when trouble with the preferred approach arises.
  • Everyone is giving honest feedback on the approaches and proposals made within the team.

Things That Could Improve

  • Going off of the road is always turning out to be way slower than we imagined.
  • The Black Riders are doing far too good of a job at following our trail.

Possible Experiments

Experiments proposed by the team to improve effectiveness are captured here. Proposed experiments should have the proposed change, the criteria used to evaluate the change, and what result would be viewed as successful.

Proposal Evaluation Success Criteria
Double our effort estimates for off-road travel Difference between estimate and actual result Actual result is not more than twice the estimate
Avoid roads completely until Bree Do Black Riders find us? No