Batch Development Process

Compendium / Development Process

Optimize for Batch Success

An effective batch development process optimizes for a team's batches of work to have the best chance at successful delivery.

Characteristics of A Batch Development Process

  • Higher degree of variation in size of work items
  • Variation in workflow for work items

Batch Development Processes

  • Scrum
  • Extreme Programming (XP)

Development Cycle

Cycle Length

A two-week cycle is generally a good starting place for teams, and ends up suiting most contexts.


Events of a Batch Development Cycle

Daily Standup

Location in Cycle Morning of all but the first and last days
Maximum Duration 10 minutes
Outcome Team and other attendees have a good understanding of who will be working on which things for the day

Backlog Grooming

Location in Cycle 2nd or 3rd day before end of cycle
Maximum Duration 1 hour

Backlog Maintenance

Location in Cycle 1-3 occurrences spread through the cycle
Maximum Duration 1 hour

Cycle Review

Location in Cycle Morning of last day right before Cycle Retrospective
Maximum Duration 30 minutes
Outcome Stakeholders, dependent teams, and other interested parties receive a concise recap of the outcome of the scheduled work, the non-backlog work encountered during the cycle

Cycle Retrospective

Location in Cycle Morning of last day right after Cycle Review
Maximum Duration 1 hour
Outcome Team has discussed how they feel they did in working together as a team, with reflection upon what worked, what could improve, and experiments they can try to improve their effectiveness, all of which has been documented in the Development Log.