Team of Teams and PDLC

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Team of Teams is designed with the intent of integrating with a variety of Product Development Lifecycle (PDLC) approaches. That said, it works optimally with iterative, ongoing cycles that leverage agility and adaptability.

Bridging the Interface between PDLC and SDLC

Team of Teams, SDLC, and PDLC Relationship The above diagram illustrates the typical PDLC that is used in conjunction with Team of Teams. Intake from a variety of sources funnels into Opportunity Assessment. Opportunities that are evaluated as ones to pursue then enter into an ongoing Prioritization process, where the opportunity is evaluated against the others that are being pursued.

Prioritized opportunities typically result in the establishment of one or more initiatives that enter the Portfolio Backlog. From there, the ongoing planning and projection activities of the Team of Teams feed the work to enable an initiative's outcomes into teams. The learnings gained during execution feed into the planning and projection process, and as milestones are reached, a set of outcomes are bundled into a launch.

The launched outcomes are measured and monitored to see how they perform against the intended impact, and that learning feeds back into Product Discovery and intake, closing the loop of the ongoing Product Development Lifecycle.